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When Does Bojangles Breakfast End? Don’t Miss Out!

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Bojangles breakfast ends at 10:00 AM daily. The chain is known for its all-day breakfast, but full breakfast menu items stop at this time.

Bojangles’ rise to fame in the fast-food industry comes from its distinctive, Southern-inspired menu, particularly its breakfast offerings which have garnered a loyal following. With a promise of serving warm, made-from-scratch buttermilk biscuits, mouth-watering sausage patties, and one-of-a-kind Bojangles’ Dirty Rice, the restaurant ensures that early birds have access to a hearty and flavorsome start to their day.

As with its competitors, Bojangles’ understands the demand for morning meals that serve convenience without skimping on quality, thus catering to the breakfast crowd from the crack of dawn until the late morning. Visitors should aim to arrive before 10:00 AM to savor the full array of Bojangles’ breakfast specialties.

Bojangles’ Rise To Breakfast Fame

Bojangles’ has quickly become a morning favorite for many in the South. Famous for its cajun-flavored, spicy breakfast options, this fast-food chain honors Southern traditions with a twist. Each morning, fans pile into their local Bojangles’ to enjoy a hearty and flavorful start to the day.

The menu boasts a variety of mouth-watering choices. From the signature Cajun Filet Biscuit to the legendary Bo-Berry Biscuits, there is something for everyone. Freshly-made biscuits, savory sausage selections, and delicious egg dishes populate their breakfast offerings.

When Does Bojangles Breakfast End? Don't Miss Out!


The Early Bird Schedule

Bojangles’ breakfast hours are for early risers. Most locations serve this yummy meal from 5:30 AM to 10:00 AM. Days run from Monday to Sunday, ensuring a full week of opportunities.

Yet, breakfast times might change based on where you are. It’s smart to check with your local Bojangles’ for their exact times. They might open up shop later or close earlier, especially on holidays.

Last Call For Biscuits

Are you craving a fresh Bojangles’ biscuit? It’s important to know the Bojangles breakfast hours. Bojangles serves breakfast every day, but the hours differ. On weekdays, the end time is strict. You need to arrive before 10:30 AM to enjoy their breakfast menu. But on weekends, you get a bit more time.

Saturdays and Sundays often bring a later cutoff. You have until 11:00 AM to order those beloved breakfast items. Miss these times and you’ll wait until the next morning for that breakfast fix. Check your local Bojangles’ for any special hours they might have.

When Does Bojangles Breakfast End? Don't Miss Out!


Tips To Never Miss The Deadline

Set a daily reminder using the Bojangles’ app to wake up for breakfast. Choose a time that’s 30 minutes before breakfast ends. This way, you’ll always beat the rush. Check the app for current breakfast hours to stay updated.

  • Download the app on your phone.
  • Enable notifications for alerts.
  • Look up the schedule once a week.
  • Plan your visit around peak times.

Beyond Breakfast: All-day Options

Feeling hungry later in the day? Bojangles’ lunch menu is ready to satisfy. Lunch options are plentiful, featuring southern classics. Dig into juicy chicken, homestyle mac ‘n cheese, and hearty sandwiches.

Missed the breakfast hours? No need to worry! Enjoy favorite Bojangles’ breakfast items even after morning ends. Bo-Berry Biscuits or Cajun Filet Biscuits can still be your midday treat!

When Does Bojangles Breakfast End? Don't Miss Out!


Frequently Asked Questions For When Does Bojangles Breakfast End

What Time Does Bojangles Stop Serving Breakfast?

Bojangles typically ends breakfast service at 10:30 AM. However, some locations may extend the breakfast hours especially during weekends, so it’s always a good idea to check with your local Bojangles for their specific times.

Is Bojangles Breakfast Available All Day?

No, Bojangles does not serve breakfast all day. Breakfast availability ends at 10:30 AM at most locations. Make sure to visit early if you’re craving their signature breakfast items!

Can I Get Bojangles Breakfast On A Sunday?

Yes, you can enjoy Bojangles breakfast on a Sunday. Their breakfast hours start from their opening time in the morning until 10:30 AM, just like other days of the week.

Does Bojangles Serve Breakfast Biscuits The Whole Day?

Bojangles is known for its breakfast biscuits, but they are not served all day. You’ll need to visit during breakfast hours, which typically end at 10:30 AM, to enjoy them.


Wrapping up, Bojangles’ breakfast hours offer a morning feast for early risers and those on-the-go. Remember, service concludes promptly at 10:30 AM. Plan your visit to savor their mouthwatering biscuits and more. Don’t miss out; set a reminder, and indulge in a Southern breakfast delight before the day shifts gears!

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