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What Time Does Subway Sell Lunch?: Get Set to Munch!

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What Time Does Subway Sell Lunch?: Get Set to Munch!

Subway begins selling lunch menu items as soon as they open, typically by 10 am. Many locations sell their full menu throughout the day, starting with breakfast.

As a fast and convenient eatery beloved by millions, Subway satisfies hunger pangs with an array of subs, salads, and sides. While famous for its commitment to freshness and customizable sandwiches, Subway caters to the lunch crowd daily. Whether you’re on the go or in need of a quick meal fix, Subway’s lunch options are available from the moment its doors swing open, offering consistency for regular customers and fresh options for those just passing through.

Not constrained by traditional mealtime boundaries, Subway’s flexible menu ensures that anyone can enjoy their lunch offerings from early in the day, perfect for early risers or non-traditional lunch hours.

Subway’s Lunch Hours

Seeking a tasty sub for lunch? Subway starts serving lunch right at 11 AM. This is perfect for early or late lunch plans. Don’t worry, Subway’s breakfast menu is available until 11 AM. After that, their full lunch menu takes the stage. Plan accordingly for a delicious sandwich experience!

What Time Does Subway Sell Lunch?: Get Set to Munch!

Menu Variations By Time

The transition from breakfast to lunch at Subway typically occurs at 11 AM. Before this time, customers can enjoy various breakfast options like egg sandwiches and breakfast wraps. Once the clock strikes 11, the full lunch menu becomes available.

Subway’s lunch offerings include a wide range of items not served during breakfast. Examples of these exclusive lunch items are the famous Italian B.M.T. and Steak & Cheese sub. Notably, some locations may offer both menus for an overlap period.

Time of DayAvailable Menu
Before 11 AMBreakfast Options
11 AM onwardsLunch & Full Menu

All-day Options For Flexible Dining

Subway offers lunch items all day, ensuring you can enjoy your favorites anytime. Fresh salads and unique specials are not bound by traditional lunch hours. No need to check the clock when craving a Turkey Breast salad or a Spicy Italian wrap.

Explore a variety of snacks and sides that complement any meal. Apple slices, yogurt, and cookies are perfect quick treats. Chips and drinks are available to round out your lunch. Subway makes it easy to have a delicious and satisfying meal, no matter the time.

What Time Does Subway Sell Lunch?: Get Set to Munch!

Understanding Regional Differences

The times at which Subway sells lunch can vary around the world. Different countries may have unique schedules, reflecting the local dining habits. Lunch offerings also differ due to cultural preferences.

For example, a Subway in Italy might start lunch at 11:00 AM. But, one in New York could begin at 10:00 AM. This shows how local traditions influence Subway lunch timings.

  • Lunch times are not the same everywhere.
  • Local customs shape when lunch starts.
  • Expect different menus in various countries.

Maximizing Your Subway Experience

To beat the lunch rush at Subway, plan an early or late visit. The peak hours usually fall between 12 PM and 2 PM. By arriving before 11:30 AM or after 1:30 PM, you can enjoy a more relaxed dining experience. Subway restaurants begin serving lunch items as early as 10 AM.

Seek out Subway’s deals and combo offers to save money. Many locations promote daily specials or value meals. These can include a drink and chips or a cookie. Check online or at your local Subway for the current lunch deals.

Customizing Your Meal No Matter The Hour

Subway offers lunch options throughout their operating hours. Lunchtime starts as soon as the doors open and continues until they close. You can start building your perfect sandwich at any time.

  • Variety of breads and toppings cater to many tastes.
  • Choose from fresh vegetables, cheeses, and sauces.
  • Vegetarian options like Veggie Delite® and Beyond Meatball™ are available.
  • Subway also offers salad versions of any sandwich for a low-carb choice.
  • Custom requests to accommodate dietary restrictions are welcome.

Frequently Asked Questions On What Time Does Subway Sell Lunch

What Time Is Breakfast Served At Subway?

Breakfast at Subway is typically available from opening time until 11 AM. Please check with your local Subway for specific hours.

Can Subway Be Healthy?

Subway offers healthy options with its menu of customizable sandwiches and salads. Choose lean meats, ample veggies, and skip high-calorie sauces for a nutritious meal.

When Does Subway Start Serving Lunch?

Subway typically starts serving lunch at 11:00 AM daily. This time is consistent across most locations, but individual franchise hours may vary. It’s advisable to check with your local Subway for their exact lunch hours.

Can I Order A Subway Lunch Item In The Morning?

Yes, you can order lunch items at Subway during the morning hours since many Subway locations serve their full menu throughout the day. However, availability can differ by store, so it’s best to confirm with the specific location.


Wrapping up, timing is everything for enjoying Subway’s lunch offerings. They cater to your cravings starting at 10 AM until they close their doors. Remember this when your appetite for fresh, custom sandwiches kicks in. Plan ahead, beat the rush, and relish in a midday feast that fits right into your schedule.

Bon appétit!


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