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What Time Does Golden Corral Start Lunch? Find Out Now!

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Golden Corral starts serving lunch at 10:45 AM on weekdays. Saturdays and Sundays may vary due to breakfast service.

Golden Corral, widely renowned for its sumptuous buffet, transitions smoothly from breakfast to lunch offerings at 10:45 AM Monday through Friday. An American family-style restaurant chain, Golden Corral has established itself as a popular destination for those seeking a variety of hearty meals.

Their lunch buffet caters to diverse tastes with a range of options that include salads, carved meats, and classic home-style dishes. Patrons appreciate the flexibility and value offered by the restaurant’s all-you-can-eat format, making it an ideal choice for anyone from busy professionals seeking a quick lunch to large families looking to enjoy a meal together. Whether you are craving a light salad or a fulfilling entrée, Golden Corral’s lunch buffet promises to satisfy your midday hunger with their array of delicious choices starting at a convenient time.

What Time Does Golden Corral Start Lunch? Find Out Now!

Golden Corral’s Lunch Hours

Golden Corral begins its lunch hours as breakfast ends. Lunch starts at 10:30 AM on weekdays, providing an array of savory options. Guests can enjoy a smooth transition from morning favorites to lunchtime classics.

DayLunch Start TimeLunch End Time
Monday – Friday10:30 AM4:00 PM
Saturday – Sunday11:00 AM4:00 PM

During weekends, the lunch menu begins at 11:00 AM. The weekend brings a lively atmosphere as guests savor various delicious dishes. Be it Saturday or Sunday, families find plenty to enjoy until 4:00 PM.

Early Birds And Lunch Specials

Dining early at Golden Corral has its perks. Guests who come in as lunch begins enjoy quieter dining. They often find fresher food selections since dishes are freshly prepared for lunch service.

Golden Corral rolls out exclusive lunch offerings distinct from their breakfast menu. Patrons can savor a variety of hot entrées, savory sides, and signature salads.

Special Lunch PricingAge GroupPrice Range
AdultsOver 12 years$8.99 – $10.99
Kids4 to 12 years$5.99 – $6.99
ToddlersUnder 4 yearsFree

Golden Corral special lunch pricing allows families to save more if they dine during early lunch hours. Kids under the age of four eat for free, adding to the savings.

Menu Highlights

Golden Corral kicks off their lunch spread at 11 am on weekdays. Guests can enjoy a variety of signature dishes at this popular buffet. Favorites include the juicy pot roast, homemade meatloaf, and crisp fried chicken. These staples attract many visitors.

The buffet’s seasonal variations offer fresh, ever-changing options. Summer might bring grilled corn and watermelon; winter is perfect for warming soups.

Dietary NeedOptions Available
Gluten-freeFruit, salads, grilled meats
VegetarianVegetable casseroles, salads
Low-carbEggs, cheese, lean meats
What Time Does Golden Corral Start Lunch? Find Out Now!


Planning Your Visit

To avoid crowds at Golden Corral, consider an early lunch. Right when lunch starts is usually less busy. Mid-week days tend to be quieter than weekends. Consider visiting between Monday and Thursday for a more relaxed experience.

Group dining needs extra planning. Call ahead to ensure space availability. Early afternoon can be ideal for groups, avoiding the peak lunch rush. Check if reservations are possible.

Lunch times at Golden Corral can vary by location. Visit the restaurant’s official website for specific hours. Some locations may start lunch at 10:30 AM, while others begin at 11:00 AM. Always confirm with your local branch before planning your visit.

Tips For A Satisfying Lunch Experience

Golden Corral’s lunch begins typically around 11 AM. To enhance your dining experience, consider arriving early. This way, you can enjoy a fresh selection without long lines. For those seeking healthier options, the buffet offers a variety of salads, fruits, and vegetables. Don’t forget to check out grilled options as they are both delicious and nutritious.

For the best value, look out for Golden Corral’s lunch specials. Seniors can benefit from discounted pricing, and there are often coupons available online. Don’t miss out on membership deals if you plan on becoming a regular visitor. Be sure to ask the staff about current promotions to save more on your meal.

What Time Does Golden Corral Start Lunch? Find Out Now!


Frequently Asked Questions On What Time Does Golden Corral Start Lunch

When Does Golden Corral Lunch Start?

Golden Corral begins their lunch service at 10:45 AM, Monday through Saturday. On Sunday, their brunch menu is available earlier, starting from when doors open until lunch transitions at 2 PM.

How Long Is Lunch Served At Golden Corral?

Lunch at Golden Corral is served until 4 PM. After this time, the restaurant transitions to its dinner menu. This schedule is consistent across most locations, but can vary slightly by area.

Does Golden Corral Offer A Special Lunch Menu?

Yes, Golden Corral offers a distinct lunch menu. It features a wide variety of options including salads, hot entrees, and carved meats. Lunch items are specifically tailored to cater to midday diners.

Are There Any Lunch Discounts At Golden Corral?

Golden Corral sometimes offers lunch discounts, particularly for seniors or group events. Discounts may vary by location, so it’s best to check with your local Golden Corral for current promotions.


Wrapping up, knowing Golden Corral’s lunch kickoff is key for meal planning. Whether it’s for a family outing or a quick bite, their lunch spread starts at 11 AM sharp. Enjoy a vast array of options that cater to every palate.

Remember to arrive early for the freshest selections and a truly golden experience!


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