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What Matcha Does Starbucks Use? Unveil the Secret!

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What Matcha Does Starbucks Use

Starbucks uses its proprietary blend of matcha for their beverages. This matcha is a sweetened powder that mixes well with milk.

Understanding the type of matcha Starbucks utilizes is vital for enthusiasts who appreciate its unique taste and the smooth, creamy texture it lends to Starbucks’ drinks. As a global coffee giant, Starbucks has crafted a specialized matcha blend that caters to the palates of its broad customer base.

Matcha, a traditional Japanese green tea powder, has gained significant popularity worldwide, and Starbucks has successfully incorporated it into their menu. By creating a sweetened version, they offer a ready-to-make matcha experience that requires no additional sweeteners, thus appealing to those looking for convenience and consistent flavor in their matcha lattes and other matcha-infused beverages. Sourced from high-quality green tea leaves, Starbucks ensures that their matcha blend maintains the integrity and health benefits associated with traditional matcha.

Unwrapping The Starbucks Matcha Mystique

Starbucks embraced matcha’s vibrant culture in the early 2000s. Their choice sparked a global matcha movement among coffee lovers. The company uses a blend of sugar and ground green tea leaves, providing a sweet and creamy flavor. This blend differs from traditional matcha preparations, which focus solely on pure tea leaves.

Exploring the type of matcha Starbucks uses reveals a culinary grade matcha, suitable for mixing with other foods and beverages. Ceremonial grade matcha, known for its use in Japanese tea ceremonies, is higher quality and often more expensive. Starbucks decided practicality and customer preference for a sweeter taste were priorities. Thus, their matcha leans toward accessibility and enjoyment in daily beverages, rather than formal rituals.

What Matcha Does Starbucks Use? Unveil the Secret!

The Matcha Profile: Source And Quality

Starbucks sources its matcha from high-quality green tea plants. These plants grow in the lush fields of Japan, renowned for their premium tea leaves. The company pledges a commitment to ethical sourcing, ensuring each cup of matcha comes from farms that practice sustainable methods.

The matcha you sip at Starbucks is a specially crafted blend designed for a smooth, rich flavor. It’s not just pure matcha; the mix includes sugar, giving it a slight sweetness. Understanding the ingredient list is key to appreciating the matcha’s quality. Let’s break it down:

Matcha Green TeaBase flavor profileJapanese green tea plants
SugarAdds sweetnessVaries
Natural FlavorsEnhances tastePlant and spice extracts

Brewing Up Secrets: Starbucks’ Matcha Blends

Starbucks uses a distinct matcha blend for their drinks. Unlike traditional matcha which is pure ground tea leaves, Starbucks’ version mixes sugar with the matcha powder. This fusion creates a sweeter taste and a smooth consistency for lattes and other beverages. Many pure matcha fans might find this variation less authentic. The addition of sugar changes the traditional matcha experience. Yet, this unique blend appeals to a broader audience looking for a less bitter flavor.

Starbucks Matcha BlendTraditional Matcha
Sugar and ground tea leaves100% pure ground tea leaves
Sweeter flavorGrassy, distinct taste
Broad appealMatcha enthusiasts preference

Popular Starbucks Matcha Creations

Starbucks crafts several matcha-based beverages, with the Green Tea Latte leading the list. This creamy delight blends sweetened matcha green tea with steamed milk. Customers often customize it with their choice of milk. For a dairy-free option, go for soy, coconut, or almond milk.

Their innovative matcha drinks shine too. Try an Iced Matcha Lemonade or Matcha & Espresso Fusion. Matcha lovers praise the balance of flavors. The fusion injects a bright espresso kick into the earthy matcha essence.

The Health Angle: Benefits And Concerns

Starbucks matcha drinks are a blend of sugar and green tea powder. Unlike pure matcha, these drinks may carry extra calories and sugar. For instance, a Grande Matcha Latte has about 240 calories and 32 grams of sugar.

Choosing the right drink size is key to managing sugar intake. A Tall size has less sugar than a Grande or Venti. Customization options like asking for fewer pumps of syrup or choosing non-dairy milk can also reduce sugar levels.

Drink SizeCaloriesSugar
Tall (12 oz)19024g
Grande (16 oz)24032g
Venti (24 oz)32043g
  • Drinks can be made sweeter or less sweet.
  • Customize with almond, soy, or coconut milk.
  • Can request no added syrup or less syrup.
What Matcha Does Starbucks Use? Unveil the Secret!

Diy Alternatives: Replicating The Magic At Home

Finding the perfect matcha powder can be a fun journey. Different powders have unique flavors. Remember, Starbucks selects high-quality matcha for its signature drinks. To replicate this at home, choose a ceremonial grade matcha. This is key for a vibrant color and taste. The best ones come from Japan. Look for organic options if you prefer.

For crafting Starbucks-inspired matcha drinks, you’ll need to experiment. Mixing matcha with hot water is the first step. Use a whisk to create a frothy texture. Now, you are ready. Just add your choice of milk and sweetener. Play with the quantities. Find your favorite mix. Enjoy your homemade matcha magic!

What Matcha Does Starbucks Use? Unveil the Secret!

Frequently Asked Questions On What Matcha Does Starbucks Use

What Kind Of Matcha Does Starbucks Use?

Starbucks uses its own proprietary blend of matcha tea, which is a green tea powder that’s specially prepared to create their signature matcha beverages. This blend is pre-sweetened and sourced from Japan.

Is Starbucks’ Matcha Powder Organic?

No, the matcha powder used by Starbucks is not certified organic. However, it is sourced from high-quality tea producers in Japan to ensure a consistent and flavorful experience.

Does Starbucks Offer Unsweetened Matcha?

No, the matcha powder blend used by Starbucks is pre-sweetened and does not come in an unsweetened option in their stores. Customers looking for less sugar can adjust the number of scoops used.

Can You Buy Starbucks Matcha Powder?

Starbucks does not sell their proprietary blend of matcha powder for retail. However, customers can purchase matcha-flavored drinks in Starbucks cafes or select pre-packaged matcha beverages.


Stepping into Starbucks for a matcha fix means embracing their signature blend. After exploring the source and quality of Starbucks’ matcha, you’re now equipped to savor their drinks with a deeper appreciation. So, go ahead, order your green cup of goodness and enjoy the distinct taste and energy boost that only Starbucks matcha can offer.

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