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Shoney’s Price Guide: Indulge Without Overspending!

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Shoneys Price

Shoney’s offers a wide variety of options, with prices typically ranging from $6 to $20. Menu items dictate the price at this casual dining establishment.

Shoney’s, a family-friendly restaurant chain with a rich history dating back to 1947, serves American comfort food to diners across the South and Midwest. Known for its breakfast buffet, fresh salad bar, and hearty dinner options, Shoney’s caters to a diverse clientele.

With a focus on providing wallet-friendly meals, their pricing structure accommodates family dining without compromising on quality. The atmosphere at Shoney’s is welcoming and laid-back, perfect for a casual meal at any time of the day. Their commitment to freshness and friendly service makes it a popular choice for those seeking a satisfying dining experience. As prices may vary by location, it’s advisable to consult the local Shoney’s menu for the most accurate pricing.

Savoring Shoney’s: A Brief History

Shoney’s began as a humble drive-in. Alex Schoenbaum opened Parkette Drive-In in 1947. Success led to franchising and expansion. Eventually, the brand became known as Shoney’s, forging its path to become a beloved national chain. This evolution impacted Shoney’s menu, transforming it from basic drive-in fare to a rich assortment of American classics. Over time, dishes have adapted to diners’ preferences, ensuring Shoney’s continues to deliver tasty, comforting meals.

Shoney's Price Guide: Indulge Without Overspending!


Navigating The Menu: Finding The Best Value

Breakfast deals at Shoney’s offer great value for early birds. Guests can enjoy a variety of hearty options to kick-start the day. Delight in pancakes, eggs, and bacon at friendly prices. Share these morning treats with friends and family for a memorable start.

Midday hunger calls for Shoney’s lunch specials. These affordable meals are perfect for a work break or a casual lunch meetup. Tasty selections include savory sandwiches, fresh salads, and homemade soups. They offer a filling and economical option to power through your day.

Evening appetites find satisfaction with Shoney’s dinner delights. The dinner menu boasts steak, seafood, and pasta. Each dish is carefully crafted to provide a delicious end to your day. These satisfying meals are generously portioned, ensuring you get the most of your dining experience.

Seasonal Offers And Limited-time Promotions

Shoney’s fans love seasonal offers and limited-time promotions. To grab the best deals, stay updated with Shoney’s specials. Don’t miss the seasonal discounts that pop up. Timing is everything. Subscribing to newsletters can alert you quickly. Save more by catching limited-time offers. Visit Shoney’s during holiday seasons for themed specials. Dine on a budget and enjoy tasty meals with these tips.

Specials And Discounts: Eat More, Spend Less

Shoney’s makes family dining more affordable with their Kids Eat Free Nights.

Children enjoy a complimentary meal, adding value to family outings. This offer is valid for families, making weeknights extra special without breaking the bank.

For seniors and service members, Shoney’s shows gratitude through discounts. Exclusive Senior Discounts lighten the bill for elders.

Active and veteran military personnel are honored with Military Appreciation Offers. These tokens of thanks make dining out more accessible and rewarding.

Shoney’s Membership And Loyalty Program

Becoming a member at Shoney’s offers numerous savings. Save on dining with exclusive member discounts. You will receive special birthday rewards to celebrate your day. A free meal on joining is Shoney’s way to say welcome!

Members earn points on every purchase. These points can unlock free meals and discounts. Keep dining and watch your points grow. Redeeming points is easy and fun for family meals or treats.

ActivityPoints EarnedRedemption Options
Dine-in Meal10 per $1Free Appetizers
Takeaway Orders5 per $1Discounts on Meals
Birthday Celebration200 FlatFree Dessert
Shoney's Price Guide: Indulge Without Overspending!


Smart Tips For Dining At Shoney’s

Smart dining at Shoney’s means maximizing your savings. Join their E-Club first to get exclusive discounts and offers. Pair these E-Club deals with ongoing promotions, such as kids eat for free, to boost your savings. Remember, always check for combo offers before ordering.

Planning the right time to dine can lead to more deals. Visit during off-peak hours, like weekday afternoons, to avoid crowds and enjoy special menu prices. Also, keep an eye on seasonal specials and holiday discounts that Shoney’s may offer. These are great times to enjoy delicious meals at a lower cost.

Shoney's Price Guide: Indulge Without Overspending!


Frequently Asked Questions Of Shoneys Price

What Is Shoney’s Pricing For Breakfast?

Shoney’s breakfast buffet price can vary by location. However, a typical range is from $7 to $12 per person. This cost includes an array of breakfast items that cater to various tastes and dietary preferences. Always check the latest pricing at your local Shoney’s.

Does Shoney’s Offer Lunch Specials Or Deals?

Yes, Shoney’s offers lunch specials that provide affordability without sacrificing quality. Lunch deals usually fall between $8 to $10. These specials often include entrées like burgers and sandwiches, sometimes with sides. Visit their website or local restaurant for current specials.

Are There Any Discounts Available At Shoney’s?

Shoney’s may offer discounts such as senior citizen discounts, military service member discounts, or promotions on special occasions. Discounts can range from 10% to 20%. For the most up-to-date discount information, it’s best to inquire directly at your nearest Shoney’s location.

Can I Find A Shoney’s Dinner Menu Online With Prices?

Absolutely, Shoney’s regularly updates their dinner menu with prices on their official website. You can find a comprehensive list of dinner items including the pricing, which allows for easy budgeting before visiting the restaurant.


Shoney’s offers value that’s hard to beat for family dining. With a variety of dishes at reasonable prices, it’s a go-to spot. Whether you’re craving breakfast or dinner, the cost won’t derail your budget. Gather your loved ones and enjoy a meal that satisfies your wallet and appetite alike.

Savor the Shoney’s experience without financial worry.

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