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Krystal Breakfast Menu Prices: Savor the Savings!

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Krystal Breakfast Menu Prices

Krystal’s breakfast menu prices typically range from $1 to $5. The menu features classic Southern breakfast items.

Krystal, an American fast-food chain known for its petite, square hamburgers, offers an enticing breakfast selection sure to satisfy early morning cravings. With budget-friendly options, the menu includes a variety of biscuits, scramblers, and other breakfast favorites. Customers can expect traditional fare like bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits or opt for heartier choices like the sausage, egg, and cheese scramblers.

This accessible, no-fuss breakfast menu caters to those seeking a quick, tasty start to their day without breaking the bank. With numerous locations across the Southeastern United States, finding a Krystal breakfast spot for a fast and affordable morning meal is easy for many. Perfect for on-the-go diners, Krystal’s breakfast items are made to order, ensuring a hot and fresh experience with every visit.

Krystal’s Morning Delights

Krystal’s morning menu showers taste buds with savory delights. Their Fresh Start Selections kickstart mornings with zest. Savor the exclusive Signature Breakfast Items. They’re crafted for those who love a hearty meal.

Fans of a quick, fulfilling bite can rejoice in Chik Biscuits or Sausage Gravy Biscuits. Egg lovers meet their match with fluffy Scrambler dishes, layered with cheese, eggs, and meat. Everyone’s favorite, the Original Krystal Burger, also tops the morning roster.

Chik Biscuits$2.99
Sausage Gravy Biscuits$2.49
Scrambler (Cheese & Eggs)$3.59
Scrambler (+ Meat)$3.99
Original Krystal Burger$1.59
Krystal Breakfast Menu Prices: Savor the Savings!


Savor The Savings

Delight in a tasty morning meal without emptying your wallet. Krystal Breakfast Menu Prices offer a tempting array of Breakfast Deals. Each deal pairs your favorite morning treats with savings.

The Combo Offers are a hit among early risers. Eggs, bacon, and fluffy pancakes can all be found. Prices and options make deciding easy. Like a delicious puzzle, find the perfect match for your appetite and budget.

3 Egg Breakfast$4.99Eggs, Bacon, Grits, Toast
Pancake Breakfast$5.993 Pancakes, Syrup, Butter
Sausage Biscuit Combo$3.49Sausage, Egg, Cheese, Biscuit

Menu Highlights

The Krystal Breakfast Menu offers tasty options to start the day. The Sunriser Sandwich, a beloved choice, features a fluffy egg and melted cheese. A savory sausage patty sits between a soft, warm bun. It’s a perfect grab-and-go breakfast. The Breakfast Toast Sandwich brings a twist to morning routines. Crisp toast encases eggs, cheese, and bacon or sausage. It satisfies with both crunch and flavor. Everyone loves the balance of textures and tastes in each bite. These items boast both quality and value.

Krystal Breakfast Menu Prices: Savor the Savings!


Customize Your Morning Feast

Customize Your Morning Feast at Krystal begins with tasty base options. You can make your meal just right with add-ons and extras. Pick from a variety of toppings and sides to turn your breakfast into a unique experience.

With Build Your Own Breakfast, mix and match to create your perfect plate.

  • Biscuits, English muffins, or toast lay the groundwork.
  • Add eggs—scrambled, fried, or an omelet.
  • Meat lovers rejoice with bacon, sausage, or ham.
  • Top it off with cheese, onions, or peppers for extra flavor.

Pick a single extra or pile them high for your ideal morning treat.

Health-conscious Choices

Diners seeking healthier breakfast choices will appreciate the Krystal breakfast menu. The menu features low-calorie options catering to those mindful of their calorie intake. Each item is crafted with fresh ingredients and nutritional balance in mind.

The vegetarian selections are vast and flavorful. Choices range from savory to sweet. Egg white sandwiches and fresh fruit plates offer a delicious start to any day.

Fresh Fruit PlateUnder 200
Egg White OmeletteApprox. 250

These selections satisfy both taste and nutritional needs. They are ideal for maintaining a balanced diet. The Krystal breakfast menu makes it easy to stay health-conscious while enjoying your morning meal.

Beverage Pairings

Krystal Breakfast Menu pairs best with a range of drinks. Warm coffee and fresh juices stand as favorites. Guests often prefer classic coffees or zesty orange juice. Coffee lovers rejoice with customized options. You can choose between a rich dark roast or a smooth light blend. Juice fans get to savor a variety of tastes. Think about pairing a sweet apple juice with your meal. Or balance your breakfast with a tangy grapefruit juice.

New seasonal drink specials bring excitement to the table. For every season, unique flavors arrive. Think cinnamon in fall or cool berry mixes in summer. Each brings a special twist to your breakfast experience. So, keep an eye out for the new seasonal delights.

Krystal Breakfast Menu Prices: Savor the Savings!


Frequently Asked Questions Of Krystal Breakfast Menu Prices

What Is Included In The Krystal Breakfast Menu?

The Krystal Breakfast Menu includes various items like “Original Scramblers” – a bowl packed with grits, egg, cheese, and sausage. Additionally, guests can enjoy biscuits, sunrisers, and breakfast toasts with coffee or juice.

How Much Does A Krystal Breakfast Cost?

Prices at Krystal vary by location but generally, breakfast items range from $1 to $5. Combo meals, which include a main item, side, and a drink, offer a value-packed start to the day for around $3 to $6.

Are There Healthy Options On Krystal’s Breakfast Menu?

Krystal’s menu has lighter options such as the low-carb Scrambler, featuring eggs and cheese without the biscuit or grits. Fresh fruit and yogurt may also be available at select locations for health-conscious customers.

Does Krystal Offer A Breakfast Value Menu?

Yes, Krystal offers a breakfast value menu with affordable options like the Sausage Biscuit and Chik Biscuit, typically priced under $2, making it accessible for those seeking a budget-friendly meal.


Wrapping up, the Krystal Breakfast Menu offers affordability without skimping on taste. Whether you’re grabbing a quick bite or enjoying a leisurely morning, their prices cater to any budget. Remember, a delicious, wallet-friendly start to your day is always on the menu at Krystal.

Don’t miss out on their savory selections!

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