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Chilis Drink Specials: Sip the Savings Today!

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Chilis Drink Special

Chili’s drink specials offer discounted beverages daily, with deals varying by location. Happy hour times and offerings are region-specific.

Chili’s Grill & Bar is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere and is a staple for casual diners seeking an enjoyable night out with friends or a cozy dinner with family. Their extensive menu features a range of items from classic Tex-Mex favorites to juicy burgers and ribs.

The real crowd-pleaser, though, is often found in Chili’s bar offerings, where drink specials play a significant role. Guests frequent Chili’s not just for the food, but also for the enticing value provided by their drink promotions, which include a selection of beers, wines, and signature cocktails at attractive prices. These drink deals are designed to suit all tastes, ensuring that diners can find a refreshing complement to their meal without stretching their budget.

Chilis Drink Specials: Sip the Savings Today!

Chili’s Happy Hour

Chili’s Happy Hour offers amazing drink specials that you’ll surely love. Enjoy half-price appetizers and discounted beverages. Don’t miss out on the fun!

Day of the WeekHappy Hour TimeSpecial Deals
Monday to Thursday3 PM to 6 PMSelected $5 Margaritas
Friday3 PM to 7 PM
SaturdayAll Day$3 Beers and more
SundayAll Day$5 Bloody Marys

Make sure to catch these exclusive happy hour deals. Visit during the above times for a great experience!

Chilis Drink Specials: Sip the Savings Today!

Seasonal Cocktails

Discover the warmth of Winter Warmers at Chili’s! Embrace cozy nights with rich, spiced cocktails.

  • Hot Chocolate Old-Fashioned – a twist on a classic.
  • Spiced Rum Punch – tropical flavors meet winter spices.
  • Maple Bourbon Smash – sweet maple meets bold bourbon.

Sip on Summer Refreshers to beat the heat! Chili’s offers cool, crisp drinks. Enjoy every sunny day.

Watermelon MargaritaFresh watermelon juice mixed with tequila.
Cucumber Gin SpritzLight gin paired with refreshing cucumber.
Peach BelliniSweet peach puree blended with sparkling wine.

Margarita Madness

Margarita Madness sweeps the scene with its Monthly Margarita Specials. The battle between Classic and Flavored Margaritas is on! Guests can sip on timeless classics or dive into new taste territories with fruity and exotic options. The specials include both traditional margaritas and bolder, creative twists that cater to all palates. Enjoy the zest of fresh limes in a classic, or explore flavors like strawberry, mango, or jalapeño for an adventurous take.

Classic MargaritasFlavored Margaritas
Tequila & Triple SecMango
Salt-Rimmed GlassJalapeño

Each drink showcases a harmony of bold flavors and aromas. A rainbow of colors and textures await at Chili’s Bar & Grill, inviting guests to enjoy their beloved mix or venture into new margarita realms. Monthly specials ensure there’s always a new flavor to anticipate and experience.

Lunch Break Deals

Lunch Break Deals offer a perfect midday recharge. Quench your thirst with the Economical Choices from the Midday Sips selection. Enjoy your meal with delicious, wallet-friendly drink options. Refresh with iced teas and sodas at unbeatable prices.

Dive into Combo Offers for Lunch for the ideal pairings. Delicious flavors on your plate, matched with the perfect sip, make lunchtimes great. Check out special deals that include your favorite entrée and a drink. Save big, eat well, and toast to smart dining. Every lunch break becomes a mini celebration!

Late-night Specials

Late-night revelers and night owls, rejoice—affordable beverages await at your local Chili’s. Unwind with exclusive drink discounts available well after dinner hours. The menu boasts a variety of cocktails, beers, and wines at prices that won’t break the bank.

Delectable margaritas, refreshing beers, and rich wines get sizable price cuts. Delight in a well-deserved nightcap or cheers with friends, all without the usual hefty tab. Chili’s Night Owl Drink Discounts cater to those who start their fun late. Check for participatory locations to not miss out on these budget-friendly specials. Remember, sipping responsibly is key.

Signature Sips

Experience the zest of Chili’s drink specials with our Signature Sips. Dive into the rich flavors of the Chili’s Classics, a lineup that boasts both legendary favorites and bold, new additions. Explore Innovative Mixology, where creativity meets your glass, presenting an array of drinks that are as unique as they are delightful.

Guests can savor the unique blend of sweet, sour, and spirits in our Margarita Presidente. This staple offers a perfect balance, promising a refreshing sip every time. For those who prefer non-alcoholic options, the Strawberry Lemonade never disappoints, delivering a burst of fruity freshness.

  • Oldtimer with Cheese: A must-have burger, juicy and flavorful.
  • Southwestern Eggrolls: A delightful mix of spices rolled into one.
  • Molten Chocolate Cake: The ultimate dessert for any sweet tooth.

Non-alcoholic Options

Chili’s offers a tasty range of non-alcoholic drinks for all ages. Enjoy refreshing mocktails that are perfect for a family outing. Fruit-based drinks and fizzy sodas make the menu exciting for kids. Sweet smoothies and milkshakes serve as creamy delights. For a more health-conscious choice, opt for juices or iced tea. These family-friendly drinks promise satisfaction with each sip. No need for alcohol to enjoy a good time at Chili’s!

Chilis Drink Specials: Sip the Savings Today!

Loyalty Rewards And Special Offers

Chili’s Rewards membership unlocks exclusive savings for those who sign up. Free to join, it offers numerous benefits like free menu items, birthday treats, and personalized discounts. Members receive points on every purchase, which turn into free appetizers, desserts, and entrees.

Members-only updates provide the latest on Chili’s drink specials and events. Get the Chili’s mobile app to keep offers handy. By simply signing up, you’re stepping into a world of savory savings. The more you dine, the more rewards you earn!

  • Earn points for every dollar spent
  • Redeem rewards for food and drinks
  • Special member offers and Chili’s drink specials
  • Personalized deals to celebrate your birthday

Frequently Asked Questions For Chilis Drink Special

What Are Chili’s Happy Hour Specials?

Chili’s happy hour typically includes discounted drinks such as select beers, wines, and well drinks. Offers vary by location but often feature a special menu with reduced prices for appetizers and cocktails during certain hours.

Can You Get Chili’s Drink Specials All Day?

Chili’s drink specials are usually limited to specific times known as happy hour. These times vary by location but are not typically available all day. Check your local Chili’s for their exact happy hour timings and drink special availability.

Does Chili’s Offer Any Signature Cocktails?

Yes, Chili’s offers a variety of signature cocktails, including their famous Presidente Margarita and other seasonal mixed drinks. Many of these are often included in their drink specials during happy hour.

Are There Any Chili’s Drink Deals On Weekends?

Chili’s might offer drink deals on weekends, depending on the location. It’s best to check with the specific Chili’s restaurant you plan to visit for their latest weekend specials and happy hour times.


As you explore the vibrant flavors of Chili’s drink specials, remember the joy doesn’t stop here. Embrace the chance to taste and share a variety of refreshing cocktails, each with its own unique twist. Keep an eye on updates and seasonal offers that promise new experiences for your taste buds.

Cheers to great drinks and memorable times at Chili’s!


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