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Bojangles Lunch Hours: Feast on Southern Delights!

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Bojangles Lunch Hours

Bojangles starts serving lunch at 10:30 AM every day. The lunch hours may vary by location on Sundays.

Bojangles, renowned for its Southern-style cuisine, transitions from breakfast to lunch promptly at 10:30 AM. This fast-food chain, famous for its fried chicken and biscuits, caters to the lunch crowd until closing time, which typically occurs around 10 PM at most locations.

Lunch-goers can savor an array of hearty meals, from seasoned chicken tenders to mouth-watering sandwiches and flavorful fixin’s. To ensure the most accurate hours for your local Bojangles, checking with the specific restaurant you plan to visit is advisable, as some franchises may adjust their schedules, especially on weekends or holidays. Bojangles’ commitment to serving freshly-prepared food means you can indulge in a satisfying lunch experience soon after breakfast time comes to an end.

Bojangles Lunch Hours: Feast on Southern Delights!


Bojangles’ Unmatched Southern Charm

Bojangles’ captures the heart with its southern cuisine. The savory fried chicken, seasoned to perfection, leaves diners craving more. Delicious biscuits, buttery and flaky, accompany each meal, becoming a soulful delight.

Familiar for their distinctive flavors and hearty portions, they stand out in the fast-food industry. Their commitment to the southern tradition is evident in every bite. This makes lunchtime at Bojangles’ a highly anticipated event. Fans eagerly await the doors to open for a taste of the south.

Menu FavoritesKey Ingredients
Famous Chicken ‘n BiscuitsSpecial Spice Blend
Hand-Breaded Bone-In ChickenFresh, Local Chicken
Cajun Pinto BeansAuthentic Cajun Seasonings
Bojangles Lunch Hours: Feast on Southern Delights!


Setting The Table: When To Enjoy Lunch

Bojangles delights patrons with savory Southern dishes. Their lunch window varies by location.

Understanding Bojangles lunch hours is key to planning your meal. Typically, lunch service starts at 10:30 AM. Yet some restaurants might cater to early birds with an earlier start.

For late comers, worry not. Lunch offerings extend into the afternoon, with most locations serving until 2:00 PM. But, it’s best to check your local Bojangles for exact times.

Fans of Bojangles can enjoy their favorites within these hours. Outlets are consistent in meeting this schedule, ensuring a hearty lunch is always at hand.

Menu Highlights: What To Order

The Famous Chicken ‘n Biscuits is a must-try at Bojangles. It’s a hearty meal with a Southern twist. Guests rave about the perfectly seasoned, crispy chicken paired with fluffy, buttery biscuits. It’s the star of the menu and keeps customers coming back.

Fixins and Sides are not your ordinary extras. Bojangles offers a variety of mouth-watering sides. Guests can enjoy Cajun Pinto Beans, Macaroni ‘n Cheese, and Dirty Rice. These dishes elevate your lunch experience with rich and authentic flavors. For those who love veggies, the Green Beans and Seasoned Fries are top picks. Choose any to complement your meal.

Nutrition And Dietary Options

The Bojangles menu offers tasty choices for all eaters. Vegetarians can enjoy salads and sides. People who do not eat gluten have grilled chicken options. Low-carb diets work well with many Bojangles dishes. Remember, always check the current menu for the most accurate info.

Bojangles makes balancing treat meals easy. Choose grilled items over fried to save calories. Swap regular fries for green beans or carrots to boost nutrition. Guests can sip on unsweetened tea to cut down on sugar. Families trust Bojangles to blend fun foods and good choices.

Specials And Seasonal Selections

Bojangles often spices up its menu with limited-time offers. Fans eagerly await these special selections. They celebrate seasons with unique flavors. For instance, holiday treats can include savory Thanksgiving turkey meals. Summer brings sizzling BBQ flavors and sweet tea specials. These items stay on the menu for a short period. This adds excitement for regular customers. Stay updated with Bojangles’ offerings. Checking their online menu or joining their e-club is a smart idea. This ensures you never miss out on these delicious specials.

Insider Tips For An Optimal Experience

To optimize your Bojangles lunch experience, timing is key. A visit between 2-4 PM ensures a quieter setting. Crowds often peak from noon to 1 PM. Planning outside these hours often results in shorter lines and faster service.

Saving opportunities are abundant with Bojangles’ specials. Join their E-Club for exclusive discounts. Keep an eye out for special promotions and coupons that often circulate. Utilizing these offers can significantly lower your meal costs.

Time of DayExperience LevelSavings Potential
2-4 PMQuietHigh
12-1 PMBusyMedium
Bojangles Lunch Hours: Feast on Southern Delights!


Frequently Asked Questions For Bojangles Lunch Hours

Does Bojangles Serve Around All Day?

Yes, Bojangles serves breakfast items all day at all of their restaurant locations.

Can You Get Bo Rounds All Day?

Bojangles’ currently does not offer Bo Rounds all day; they’re typically available during breakfast hours only. Availability may vary by location.

When Did Bojangles Open?

Bojangles first opened its doors on July 6, 1977. The fast-food chain was established in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Is Austin Getting A Bojangles?

As of the latest information available, there are no official announcements about Bojangles opening a restaurant in Austin.


Wrapping up, Bojangles’ lunchtime schedule offers flexibility for midday cravings. Whether it’s a classic chicken meal or a savory sandwich, they serve it fresh. Remember, their doors open for lunch from 10:30 AM onwards. Planning ahead ensures you don’t miss out on a hearty Southern lunch.

Visit Bojangles and treat your taste buds today!

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