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Arbys Happy Hour Sliders: Savory Bites on a Budget!

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Arbys Happy Hour Sliders

Arby’s Happy Hour typically includes discounted sliders. These offers usually occur during late afternoon or early evening hours.

Arby’s has become a go-to spot for many when the craving for a quick and savory snack kicks in. Known for its variety of meats and delicious sandwiches, the restaurant chain also offers a special treat during happy hour — affordable sliders that are both flavorsome and pocket-friendly.

These mini sandwiches provide a perfect bite for those looking to satisfy their hunger without committing to a full meal. Dive into a selection of their well-loved meats and signature sauces at a fraction of the price. The happy hour menu is ideal for anyone seeking a tasty and economical option, making Arby’s an even more attractive destination for a midday pick-me-up or an early dinner. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy these delectable sliders at a discount, but always check your local Arby’s for specific happy hour times and offers.

Arbys Happy Hour Sliders: Savory Bites on a Budget!

Arby’s Happy Hour Sliders Intrigue

Arby’s Happy Hour Sliders offer a delightful taste experience. Bold flavors and tender meats mark Arby’s sliders scale-down of their classic sandwiches. Since their debut, these sliders have become a fan favorite. Notably, their size makes them perfect for snacks or trying different flavors.

Slider sales skyrocket during Arby’s Happy Hour. It’s a time when customers can indulge in these treats at reduced prices. The allure of the sliders isn’t just in their taste. It’s also their affordability and variety. Everyone can find a slider to love. Choices range from roast beef to Buffalo chicken.

SliderKey Ingredients
Roast BeefThinly sliced roast beef, cheese
Buffalo ChickenBuffalo chicken, creamy parmesan

Zooming In On The Menu

Arby’s Happy Hour boasts a tasty lineup of sliders. These little sandwiches provide a perfect snack or a light meal. Fans relish the variety, including roast beef, crispy chicken, and corned beef. Each slider promises a burst of Arby’s signature flavors in a smaller size.

The Nutritional Information Snapshot for the sliders is key for mindful eaters. Details for calories, fats, sodium, and more keep you informed. This allows for smarter choices during Happy Hour. View the table below for a quick look at what each slider holds.

Slider TypeCaloriesTotal Fat (g)Sodium (mg)
Roast Beef2109920
Crispy Chicken29012690
Corned Beef23010940

Budget-friendly Deals

Arby’s Happy Hour is a feast for the budget-wise! Enjoy delicious sliders at a fraction of the cost.

Scoop up the savings every day during the special hours. Cherish the taste without spending much!

Happy Hour TimingDiscounted Slider Varieties
2 PM – 5 PMClassic Beef ‘n Cheese
DailyCrispy Chicken
 Roast Turkey
Arbys Happy Hour Sliders: Savory Bites on a Budget!

Taste Test Reviews

Arby’s Happy Hour Sliders get thumbs up from fans. Beef ‘n Cheese Slider tops the list. Many say it’s the perfect snack size with a tasty balance of meat and cheese.

Buffalo Chicken Slider surprises guests. Its zesty flavor stands out. It’s a crowd pleaser during the happy hour rush.

Jalapeño Roast Beef Slider is hot on the menu. It combines spice and tender roast beef seamlessly. Fans love the fiery kick.

Slider TypeCritic Rating
Beef ‘n Cheese Slider4.5/5
Buffalo Chicken Slider4/5
Jalapeño Roast Beef Slider4.2/5

Perfect Pairings

Arby’s Happy Hour Sliders pair wonderfully with a variety of side orders. Try crispy Curly Fries or Potato Cakes for a classic match. For a lighter option, the Side Salad could be a great choice. These sides perfectly complement the savory flavors of the sliders.

When considering drinks, Shamrock Farms® Low-Fat Milk is a kid-friendly option. Bottled Water is also available for a refreshment that’s simple and pure. For those desiring something fizzy, Soft Drinks come in various flavors to quench your thirst. Enjoy these recommendations during Arby’s Happy Hour and savor each bite with the ideal drink.

Special Promotions

Delicious sliders find their way into the hearts of Arby’s fans during Happy Hour. These treats come packed with flavor and are perfect for snack time. Catch them at reduced prices every day from 2 pm to 5 pm.

Monthly slider specials grab attention with exciting new tastes. Seasonal ingredients add a unique twist, keeping your taste buds guessing. Save money and satisfy cravings with these tempting mini sandwiches. Remember, they’re here for a short time, so enjoy them while you can.

Slider TypeHappy Hour PriceUsual Price
Classic Beef$1$1.59
Crispy Chicken$1$1.59
Jalapeño Roast Beef$1$1.59

Making The Most Of Happy Hour

Arby’s Happy Hour offers great deals on sliders, perfect for a snack.

Visit between 2 PM and 5 PM on weekdays to enjoy these specials.

Combine slider deals with other Happy Hour discounts for even more savings.

Keep an eye out for special promotions that can add value to your meal.

Arby’s Beyond Happy Hour

Arby’s Beyond Happy Hour brings an exciting twist to traditional snack times. Bold flavors define the menu, featuring a selection of sliders that are both delicious and affordably priced. Favorites include the Buffalo Chicken Slider and the classic Roast Beef Slider.

All are crafted with the same attention to taste and quality as Arby’s regular offerings. The mouthwatering Corned Beef Slider is a culinary delight. The Jalapeño Roast Beef Slider offers a zesty kick for those seeking heat.

Slider VarietyIngredients
Buffalo ChickenChicken Tenders, Buffalo Sauce, Parmesan Peppercorn Ranch
Roast BeefSliced Roast Beef, Mini Bun
Corned BeefCorned Beef, Mini Bun
Jalapeño Roast BeefRoast Beef, Jalapeños, Cheese Sauce

The future shines bright for Arby’s sliders and specials. New tastes are always on the horizon, ensuring snack time remains a staple for all ages.

Frequently Asked Questions For Arbys Happy Hour Sliders

What Time Is Arby’s Happy Hour?

Arby’s Happy Hour typically runs from 2 PM to 5 PM daily. During this time, customers can enjoy discounted prices on sliders and select menu items.

Are Sliders Included In Arby’s Happy Hour Deals?

Yes, sliders are a popular feature of Arby’s Happy Hour menu. They are offered at reduced prices, making it a great time to try different flavors.

How Much Do Arby’s Sliders Cost During Happy Hour?

During Happy Hour, Arby’s Sliders are often available for around $1 each. However, prices may vary by location, so it’s best to check with your local Arby’s restaurant.

Can You Combine Arby’s Coupons With Happy Hour?

Arby’s typically does not allow coupon combinations with Happy Hour specials. Customers should read the terms of their coupons or ask at the restaurant for clarification.


Arby’s Happy Hour specials offer unbeatable value and taste. Grab your favorite sliders at budget-friendly prices. Don’t miss out on this delicious deal – perfect for any snack-lover. Join the crowd next Happy Hour and savor the flavor Arby’s is famous for.

See you there!

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