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Applebees Breakfast Menu: Savor the Morning Delights!

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Applebees Breakfast Menu

Applebee’s does not typically offer a breakfast menu, as they are known primarily for lunch and dinner. Their focus is on casual dining with a wide range of American dishes.

Applebee’s, the popular American chain restaurant, caters to those seeking hearty lunch and dinner options. With an atmosphere that’s both welcoming and perfect for family dining, Applebee’s serves up a variety of appetizers, entrees, and desserts that promise to satisfy a multitude of cravings.

The menu includes signature dishes like riblets, steaks, and pasta alongside a selection of salads and sandwiches. Guests can also take advantage of the “2 for $20” deals, giving them a cost-effective way to enjoy a multi-course meal. While breakfast lovers might need to look elsewhere, Applebee’s commitment to providing a diverse menu ensures there’s something for everyone during their operational hours.

Rise And Shine With Applebee’s

Applebee’s unlocks the day with a breakfast experience that’s hard to beat. Fresh ingredients and creative recipes converge in their morning offerings. Guests can savor hearty platters or lighter bites, ensuring that all tastes are catered to. Speedy service meets delicious food, making it the perfect spot for both busy professionals and families.

Not just a place for lunch and dinner, their breakfast menu stands out with classic favorites and unique dishes. Try the stacked pancakes or signature omelets to start your day right. For those health-conscious diners, fruit bowls and yogurt parfaits are on offer. Quality, variety, and flavor — that’s what the Applebee’s breakfast menu promises.

A Toast To The Classics

Applebee’s Breakfast Menu shines with classic morning delights. Your taste buds will savor traditional breakfasts. Let’s talk about pancakes and waffles. Both bring a sweet start to the day. Imagine golden buttery pancakes. Top them with maple syrup. Then there are crisp Belgian waffles. Add strawberries and whipped cream to them. Think about the joy of this timeless breakfast. Everyone loves these morning treats.

Healthy Start Selections

Applebee’s Breakfast Menu now offers Healthy Start Selections.

They serve yummy, light meals that are good for your body.

Start your day with fruit-filled dishes at Applebee’s.

  • Fresh fruit bowls are full of tasty, juicy fruits.
  • Oatmeal topped with banana and honey is also a great choice.
  • Try their egg white omelets with lots of veggies too.

These options keep your energy up and don’t weigh you down.

Enjoy a healthy and delicious breakfast that feels like a treat!

Applebees Breakfast Menu: Savor the Morning Delights!

Eggsquisite Egg Dishes

Applebee’s Breakfast Menu brims with mouthwatering egg dishes. Fans of fluffy omelets find joy in options full of fresh veggies and melty cheeses. Scramble enthusiasts delight in eggs whisked with hearty meats and herbs. Each plate bursts with savory flavors.

The joy for egg lovers doesn’t end there. Eggs Benedict comes with velvety hollandaise sauce, while sunny-side ups offer that perfectly runny yolk. Each choice pairs well with golden-brown hash browns and artisan bread. Applebee’s ensures every breakfast is a delicious start to the day.

Sizzling Skillets And Sides

Applebee’s Breakfast Menu brings your morning to life with delicious options. Dive into their Sizzling Skillets for a perfect start. Enjoy Hearty Meats paired with savory Potatoes for that full-flavored experience. Your plate will thank you for the bold flavors and satisfying textures.

Don’t forget the Breakfast Sides. Choices like fluffy pancakes and crispy hash browns will complete your meal. They are irresistible and add just the right touch of joy to your breakfast. The sides are crafted to complement your skillet choice, making your meal truly delightful.

Breakfast OptionDescription
Meaty SkilletJuicy sausages and crisp bacon
Potato SkilletGolden-brown, seasoned potatoes
Side PancakesSoft, warm, and sweet
Side Hash BrownsCrispy, golden, and savory
Applebees Breakfast Menu: Savor the Morning Delights!

Sweet Sips Of The Morning

Wake up to the invigorating aroma of Applebee’s exclusive coffee blends. Each cup is a smooth journey for your taste buds. Savor the rich, bold flavors that make mornings special.

For those who prefer a cold start, Applebee’s offers refreshing chilled juices. Choose from a variety of fresh flavors to kickstart your day. The smoothie selection blends ripe fruits with creamy yogurt. It’s a perfect balance of taste and health.

Kids Breakfast Corner

Applebees Breakfast Menu delights with options for kids. Their Kids Breakfast Corner offers Tiny Tastes for Little Ones. Each meal mixes nutrition and fun. Children enjoy mini pancakes or scrambled eggs. Fruit sides add a sweet touch of nature’s candy. Milk or juice come with every kid’s breakfast. Meals are under 600 calories.

Let’s look at some tasty choices:

  • Mini Pancakes: Just-right size, served with syrup and fruit.
  • Scrambled Eggs: Fluffy eggs for little tummies, with toast slices.
  • Chocolate Milk or Apple Juice: Perfect drink pairings, kids love them.

Every option is designed for small hands and big imaginations.

Flavors From The Griddle

Applebee’s offers a delightful pancake stack that’s perfect for breakfast. Their special pancake stack comes with their signature syrup drizzles. Each fluffy pancake absorbs the syrup, giving you a sweet and savory experience with every bite.

The syrups come in a variety of unique flavors. These drizzles add a special touch to your morning meal. Guests can enjoy classic choices like warm maple or try something new. Options may include rich caramel or fruity strawberry. The combination of soft pancakes and delicious syrup is sure to start your day right.

Morning Wraps And Sandwiches

Applebee’s Breakfast Menu brings joy in the mornings.

The Morning Wraps sizzle with fresh eggs and melted cheese. Choose meats like bacon or sausage, and veggies like peppers and onions.

Breakfast Sandwich Delights toast to perfection. Savory ham, crispy bacon, or juicy sausage between golden-brown bread. A layer of cheese melts over the fluffy eggs.

Bacon Egg WrapBacon, Egg, Cheese, Tortilla
Sausage Egg WrapSausage, Egg, Cheese, Tortilla
Applebees Breakfast Menu: Savor the Morning Delights!

Feast With A Morning Happy Hour

Kick off your morning with Applebees Breakfast Menu. Enjoy mouth-watering meals at unbeatable prices. Their Morning Happy Hour invites you to feast without a hefty bill. Check out their yummy options that don’t skimp on flavor.

Deals to Start the Day Right make every morning shine. Dive into a plate of hot pancakes, or choose healthy fruit bowls. Each dish pairs well with juice or coffee, guaranteeing a perfect start.

Morning Libations bring a zest to your routine. Sip on mimosas or bloody marys at a steal. These drinks are perfect with any breakfast choice. Make your meal a celebration every day!

Frequently Asked Questions Of Applebees Breakfast Menu

Does Applebee’s Offer A Breakfast Menu?

Applebee’s traditionally focuses on lunch and dinner and does not offer a dedicated breakfast menu. However, some locations may have special hours or offerings for brunch-type meals, so it’s best to check with your local Applebee’s for their current offerings.

What Are Applebee’s Opening Hours?

Applebee’s locations typically open around 11 AM and close at midnight or later, depending on the day and location. They are known more for their lunch and dinner options rather than breakfast. To know the exact hours, it’s advised to check with the specific restaurant you plan to visit.

Can I Order Applebee’s Brunch Online?

While Applebee’s doesn’t have a specific brunch menu, you can order from their regular menu online through their website or delivery apps. Availability for online ordering may depend on your location and the time of day.

Are There Any Breakfast Items At Applebee’s?

Applebee’s menu is primarily composed of lunch and dinner items, including appetizers, entrees, and desserts, and does not typically include traditional breakfast dishes. Some locations might offer a limited selection of breakfast-like or brunch items.


Wrapping up, Applebee’s breakfast menu truly caters to an array of tastes. Whether you’re craving sweet pancakes or a savory omelet, they’ve got you covered. Start your day with their hearty options and enjoy the flavor-packed dishes that keep regulars coming back.

Don’t forget to share your morning feast with friends!


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